Emotion in Motion | Mini Workshop

This portfolio building mini workshop will teach you how to infuse your individual & couples “posing” with on-fire energy and emotion. Learn how to incorporate movement into your work using guided actions and prompts to help your clients feel confident and connected in front of your lens.
I’m going to share my thought process to help you think beyond the pose, break through mental blocks and start producing work that stands out from the crowd. A live demo will be conducted followed by a coached opportunity to shoot.

Touch, slide, pull, grab, pop, flip, squeeze, lick, blow.

* Power of your energy, when to use it and when to hold back
* Importance of connection in relation to confidence and authenticity
* Beyond the pose, move with me
* Verbs from the bedroom, why and how to use them
* What is empathy? You need to know
* Breaking through mental blocks to develop your own personal style
* Live demo & workshop $325