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Tuesday @ 1:00 / WeDNESDAY @ 9:00 - Cut the Bullshit. Run Your Business and Make Money

In this 3 hour class we talk about (1) The importance of analyzing your business through reports, how to read them, what they can tell you and how to implement the information to reach your financial goals. (2) Our menu design and pricing method. Why it’s so simple, why it works, how to sell it and how it maximizes revenue. (3) Managing a staff. The do’s and don’ts for having a staff and how it can help boost your revenue.

Every attendee will receive our Cut the Bullshit booklet with more information, formulas and worksheets. Also become an exclusive member of our Cut the Bullshit Facebook group for questions, continued learning and follow-ups.  $300

Wednesday @ 1:00 - Photos in motion : How to create beautiful boudoir videos

Boudoir Videos for clients is becoming all the rage. Learn how to create beautiful videos for your clients to boost your revenue.

In the first part of this class, Courtney and Jamie will discuss how to switch from a photography mindset to a videography mindset during a boudoir session, including how to direct your client, how to shoot around and/or hide your client's "problem areas" while filming (remember, there's no Photoshop for video), and what equipment/techniques to use to capture visually interesting video clips.

The second part of the workshop will be dedicated to editing video. We'll discuss the importance of good song selection, how to piece together your video clips to compliment the music, and we'll show you a few editing "tricks" that add even more flair and style to your boudoir videos. $300.