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Everybody is a photographer these days; everybody with a phone has access to a camera and can create amazing photos. Combine that with the use of social media and the result is an over saturation of images…how can you STAND OUT in this scenario?

As photographers we tend to focus a lot on creating beautiful work, however often overlook several key components of our business which are critical to make us exceptional. Please join me at Camp Do More for three interactive hours where I will share some secrets to make you beat the competition! How using EMOTION, STORYTELLING and DESIGN as the glue that holds together the relationship between your work, your audience and your clients, will set you apart from the rest. We will also shoot together with a beautiful model so you experience first hand my creative process, as well as the settings and equipment I use to create my photos. Finally I will provide all participants with the customized LR PRESETS and PS ACTIONS I use to edit my images! Looking forward to meeting all of you at camp...$325