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Confident Curves / WEDNESDAY 9:00 - 12:00

This course will teach you how to style, pose & communicate to flatter plus size babes and help them see that their body is just as worthy of being photographed.  This course provides a live shoot to help improve the amount of diverse bodies in your portfolio and give you more confidence when working with women of all shapes and sizes!

*The importance of finding your WHY and it's impact on your work, pricing, and client experience

*Communicating with clients and setting appropriate expectations to help them in their body image and self love journey.

*My consultation and reveal rituals that aim to cover the 3 E's: Expectation, Education, and Empowerment to provide you with a more seamless client satisfaction experience. (And what to say when a client doesn't like the way they look in photos)

*Posing and styling of my top 5 Most Bought Poses.

*Stylized shoots with at least 2 plus size models to help build your portfolio  $325


This 3 hour course will provide you with a talk on the importance of creativity to get you inspired, refreshed and invigorated to go back to your own studio and book time in your calendar for YOU. In addition to the talk, I will be bringing a plethora of items to push your creative boundaries. I will be challenging you to think outside the box, get a little weird, have fun, and create without boundaries. Once you start shaking things up, you will be able to go back to your clients with a renewed sense of passion and excitement for the work.

*Why it's important to shake shit up

*Techniques that I use to find my creativity and fulfill my visions, including: music videos, prisms, reflections, projectors, double exposures, symbolism, colors, textures, different angles, dance, lens choice, iconic photography work, fashion, and props

*How to overcome the frustration of learning while creating

*Playful editing techniques to spark creativity

*Live shoot with model using a variety of the techniques and items. $325.


1. I am going to share my story to give you a wee bit of inspiration on why accepting yourself wholly and completely is good for you AND for your clients

2. We are going to do some writing/sharing exercises to help you dig deep down and really explore who you are, what you like, what you dislike, and WHO you want to attract.

3. You are going to walk away from this mini-workshop with customized About pages, blog post ideas, and solidified mission statements to set you apart from every other fucking photographer out there....why? BECAUSE YOU ARE DIFFERENT THAN EVERY OTHER FUCKING PHOTOGRAPHER OUT THERE (YES, EVEN IF YOU USE THE SAME PRESETS :P)

4. We are going to chat about the importance of sharing stories even if you can't write worth shit and how to communicate your message to your clients in a variety of ways!

4. Lastly, we are going to learn how to harness social media, your local media, and the importance of making you a specialist in more areas than "just photography" and how you can make a bigger difference in your clients' lives, setting you apart from all of the other traditional photographers in your market. $325.