Tuesday @ 4:00 : Why didn't they book?

This will be a practical course where you get stuff done, and an honest look at why some people are lucky enough to book clients that want to spend $2K plus with them.  $235.

What you will learn:

1.     15 practical things that are easy to implement but no one ever told you to do.

2.     Discover who your ideal client is, where they tend to hang out, how to attract them, and build the desire to want to surround themselves with beautiful artwork from you – class exercise.

3.     The twelve stages of a photographic experience and why they are important.

4.     Three main modes of communication that clients will love you for, that build desire and trust.

5.     How to deal with “I just want a disk”, for basically no money.

6.     When is the perfect time to talk price and how to do it with confidence.

7.     How to never have to deal with sticker shock.

8.     The three main personality types that look for photography, are happy to pay for it, and why.

9.     How to find balance in your work and family time

a.     Know the most effective times to focus on bookings

b.     Creating clients that value you and your time

c.      Get paid for what you create for others.

Wednesday @ 1:00 : why didn't they buy?

A practical look at the experience you need to create for clients to get them buying. The experience is everything, and understanding what they value and how they make decisions is important.  $235.

What you will learn:

1.     Top 12 mistakes people make when preparing for a client to select their photographs.

2.     We will be selecting a few class attendees to share photographs of their set up when selling and recommending how to make it easier for their clients to purchase more – this exercise normally adds $850 to your average sale. We are looking for photographers to share:

a.     Dedicated studio space for selling

b.     Selling spaces in your homes

c.      Mobile selling – where you go to their homes

d.     Selling on the internet

3.     How to make a difference to your clients experience on a shoestring budget.

4.     Where are the areas you must display product.

5.     What products should you offer that always sell.

6.     Pricing – how to price your products for profit.

7.     Creating a price list that works for you and your clients.