SELF PORTRAITURE | Tuesday 1-4 and Wednesday 4-7

It has never been more important than it is right now to be your brand.  Your clients want to know more about the person behind the camera, they want to be able to connect with you and see your vulnerable side. 

“If you cannot capture the essence of your own self, how are you to capture the essence of someone else?” – Bridget Brow.

Have you ever had a million new ideas in your head that you wanted to capture... but no one around to shoot?  Let me show you how to be your own favourite muse.  Self portraiture allows you to express yourself at any one moment in time.  To capture a feeling and go on a journey of self-discovery.  It allows you to try new things, mess up and refine your skills, without the pressure of having to be perfect for every client. Move away from the comfortable shooting patterns that you’ve fallen into, and step outside your comfort zone.  Push yourself to new limits.  Share your own self portraiture journey and be relatable. There’s no one who can deliver your own brand message quite like you

The class will guide you through the immense benefits of self portraiture, not only for yourself, but also your business and bottom line.  Learn all the technical aspects and tips to taking better self portraits.  Whether you’re new to self portraiture, or looking to expand on your knowledge and skill set, this class will leave you feeling inspired and equipped to step in front of your own lens, and create some incredible and moving artwork

What we will be covering:

  • The value and benefits of taking self portraits

  • Using it as a creative and cathartic outlet

  • Be your brand

  • How self portraiture leads to increased business and profits

  • How to create a sellable body of artwork from self portraiture

  • Technical aspects, tips and tricks

  • Gear suggestions

  • Hands on live shooting and practice