Internationally published and multi-award winning photographer, including First Place Professional Boudoir for RangeFinders Celebrate the Body, Lindsay owns and operates LRP Boudoir out of Troy, NY.  With a focus on helping women to embrace their sexuality and love their bodies, her sessions are as much about the experience she gives her clients as the final art they receive.  Lindsay believes in the power of print and has a mission to provide all of her clients with large art pieces to hang in their homes.


Joao is a Brazilian portrait and lifestyle photographer who has lived in different parts of the world before moving to Vancouver, BC. 

He began his journey with photography during his first year in college, after which he worked as an advertising photographer for almost ten years. However, his passion for portrait photography and the endless attempt to find his own creative voice, led him into a completely different path.

Soon after quitting the advertising world, Joao was pulled into the world of portraiture after being inspired by and working with other amazingly creative minds. After that there was no going back, and thus he began to bring the storytelling that he learned from the advertising industry and his passion for movies to create The Diaries Project : a series of simple & unique portraits of individual women's intimate worlds.



I'm Alex from London, UK and creating photos is my passion, along with travelling. I'm heavily influenced by film directors and I'm inspired by interesting characters I find. I'm attracted to other creatives and how they choose to express themselves. My style has been described as cinematic, moody, dark and dreamlike. I like to be different, push boundaries, challenge the norm and break the rules.