Joao is a Brazilian portrait and lifestyle photographer who has lived in different parts of the world before moving to Vancouver, BC. 

He began his journey with photography during his first year in college, after which he worked as an advertising photographer for almost ten years. However, his passion for portrait photography and the endless attempt to find his own creative voice, led him into a completely different path.

Soon after quitting the advertising world, Joao was pulled into the world of portraiture after being inspired by and working with other amazingly creative minds. After that there was no going back, and thus he began to bring the storytelling that he learned from the advertising industry and his passion for movies to create The Diaries Project : a series of simple & unique portraits of individual women's intimate worlds.  



Internationally published and multi-award winning photographer, including First Place Professional Boudoir for RangeFinders Celebrate the Body, Lindsay owns and operates LRP Boudoir out of Troy, NY.  With a focus on helping women to embrace their sexuality and love their bodies, her sessions are as much about the experience she gives her clients as the final art they receive.  Lindsay believes in the power of print and has a mission to provide all of her clients with large art pieces to hang in their homes. 



There's something you should know about Alex. He likes to break the rules. A wildly creative soul who has immersed himself into film culture so richly that he now sees and thinks like an auteur. Known for producing cinematic images that push the boundaries of what intimate lifestyle photography is and can be. His visual style is often described as moody, narrative-laden and atmospheric, often fusing boudoir with editorial portraiture to create an unmistakably trademark look. Born and raised in London, UK, Alex's mission is to change the perception and potential of what we call boudoir photography.



Teri Hofford is a body image activist and award-winning boudoir specialist based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Teri channels her desire to change the way women think about themselves, getting them to stop focusing on changing their bodies, so they can get to changing the world.  Teri has been published in a variety of magazines such as FabuPlus and GEEZ magazine, in addition to having a variety of images selected for recognition by, AIBP (Association of International Boudoir Photographers), Do More Wear Less, and Lace & Light.  In addition to her photography work, Teri has become recognized in Canada for her contribution to the women's empowerment movement by various media outlets like CBC, Global, and CTV News.



Native California Fashion Photographer, Jennifer Skog celebrates life and love through her lens. Her distinctive style is decidedly spontaneous, cinematic, and fashionable, yet she's still brilliant at creating gorgeous authentic portraits. Falling in love with her subjects is second nature to Jennifer and it shows in her emotionally connected photography that tells the unique story of everything she shoots. Known in the industry for her editorial and seductive photography, Jennifer's images emulate her passion for life, romance & fashion.



Jamie Pfister, owner and a photographer at The Adore Girls in Nashville TN,  started her studio in March of 2012 specializing exclusively in Boudoir. Along with a passion for photography, she also absolutely loves the business side. Jamie thrives on the constant challenge to not only grow as photographer, but also as a business owner. Over the last five years Jamie has grown her studio to include a full time associate photographer, Miss Courtney Bell, and a staff. The Adore Girls Studio caters to over 200 amazing women a year and in 2016 alone, grossed over $400,000. Jamie is a featured and an award winning Do More Photographer and was named photographer of the year 2015 by the Association of International Boudoir Photographers.

Courtney Bell opened her photography studio in Huntington, West Virginia in 2004. In early 2015, after a decade of shooting weddings and specializing in boudoir photography, she packed up her camera, boyfriend, and three dogs and moved them all to Nashville, TN to join The Adore Girls’ team as Jamie Pfister’s associate photographer and videographer. When Courtney isn’t holding a camera up to her face, she’s either dancing at a concert, reading tarot cards, or hiking around the lake in her new back yard. Courtney is a Do More Photographer and also a member of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers.



Boon Ong is an Intimate Lifestyle & Figurative Art photographer based in Calgary, AB Canada. He first photographed fine art nude in 2013 and completely hooked with the genre. Born and raised in Malaysia from a conservative asian family, it was the sense of rebellious and contradiction to his upbringing that kept Boon exploring more into this genre. He now photographs intimate lifestyle & figurative art as a way for him to yell for new freedom, to break down barriers and taboos, to create space for people to find confidence in their own body and sexuality, and most importantly - to be himself. Over the last few years, Boon has received a number of awards and been featured in a number of magazines, blogs and art gallery, including International Photography Awards, Do More Awards, Feather Gallery, Dark Beauty Magazine, For Exposure, etc. His work is also being used as educational reference material by Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Vancouver.



Jen Swedhin is a Denver-based intimate portrait photographer specializing in boudoir for men. She is an award-winning published photographer with a distinct style in lighting and posing. By carving out a new niche and focusing solely on intimate portraits for men, Jen has found success both in shooting and in teaching. In addition to her photography business, Jen is the owner of Jen Gets Shit Done, a retouching and workflow service for boudoir photographers. She has three kids, a funny husband, drinks almond tea by the barrel, and knows all the good swear words. 



16_0927_Pratik_PORT Web.jpg

Pratik is a high end commercial and editorial retoucher. He also owns his own retouching company, Solstice Retouch. Over the last 10 years, the root of his work began in boudoir and glamour, where he worked on covers and spreads for FHM, Playboy, Maxim, and more for local and international variants. He also has 6 years of teaching experience and travels often for workshops, conferences and events. Pratik can't wait to spread his love of retouching during his class!