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Tuesday 9:00 - 12:00
Wednesday 1:00 - 4:00

Hey, it’s me, Ryan. I’m pretty terrible at writing descriptions of my classes. I’m pretty good at identifying the things that matter to me in an image and figuring out how to get them into my work. I guess that’s what this class is about, finding the things that matter to you and the things that don’t and using all of that to make work that you care about and that feels like you. What matters to me is being honest and sincere while teaching and sharing physical art. What doesn’t matter to me is getting good at writing introductions to my classes. So I’ll be there, I’ll do my best to be as honest as I can, and I’ll print you a print. I’ll also get around writing a class description by asking a student who has already attending one of my workshops to describe it instead… and here that is...

"A successful photograph pulls you into the world of the artist; it is an often brief but distinct, powerful spark of connection. But where does that come from? In order to make work that creates feeling, we must feel something when we make it. Anyone can pose or smile for the camera; anyone can learn the mechanics of a camera. But meaningful, genuine work comes from connection between artist and subject…a kind of shared alchemy.

Ryan invites us to join a conversation about making honest, emotional photographs that are born from the sum of all that has shaped who we are.  He asks us to look closer at our subjects and ourselves as he shares some of his most meaningful photographs and the personal experiences that inspired them.   

And of course he wouldn’t be Ryan Muirhead if he didn’t bring prints with him…the final, and very essential part of the alchemic process.  Each attendee will receive a signed print… so you can hold the work in your own hands and feel it for yourself.” -JS