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Wednesday @ 9:00 - Editing With Pratik

This mini workshop will enable photographers to see the true ins and outs of retouching images from start to finish. Over the course of three hours, you will learn to retain perfect skin texture while creating beautiful transitions and even color tones in any image. Pratik's goal is being able to tastefully remove all of the flaws without leaving a noticeable trace behind. Retaining the vision and style of an image without overshadowing it is key. Our job when editing is to let the photography sing while we act as backup singer. $300.

Book directly with Pratik by sending an email to

Ever wonder what photo retouching really is? Here's a video that will give you an insight about what goes into retouching and cleaning up a photograph. It's not blurring or airbrushing skin, and there's no magic button. Half of the time, you won't even know an image is retouched when it's done correctly and that's what it should be.