Tuesday @ 4:00 - ALL THE BALLS IN THE AIR

The moment I saw her heartbeat on the monitor, I knew my life would never be the same. It was the single most profound moment of my life. The months that I followed I read every book, every blog, nested the warmest of nests and prepared for the arrival of our child. The birth of my daughter was the happiest most exhausting moment of my life, little did I know the year that followed would be the most challenging, emotionally and physically draining one I’ve ever experienced. I had absolutely no idea how difficult returning to my old self was going to be impossible. I was falling short in every facet of my life, disappointing my clients, my students, my friends, my family and most importantly my husband and daughter. While I’m not even CLOSE to having it all figured out, I have learned some really important lessons and have implemented great changes to my schedule, my workflow, and day to day to help me manage being the bread winner, business owner, photographer, educator, friend, spouse and parent.

Wednesday @ 4:00 - FAILURE : LIFE'S BEST GIFT

We live in a society where the expectation is perfection, to be the perfect everything to everyone. The reality is that we put an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves to appear without fault or struggle and this pressure is literally killing us. Kirsten is going to share with you her history of failure and how she realized it has been every failure that has brought her success, most importantly in her work. Perspective is the key to surviving that with which brings us our greatest challenges, both professionally and personally, and Kirsten’s goal is to help you identify these for yourself and your clients.