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Finding Vulnerability and Emotion in Male Nude Portraits 

Kevin started his Skin Like Dawn Project in 2015 with an idea that our culture doesn’t allow men to be sensitive or vulnerable. The goal of Skin Like Dawn was to look at men without the baggage of masculinity - just as they are, emotions, insecurities, and all. In this class, you’ll learn about working with men for intimate nude / boudoir sessions including posing and lighting, but most importantly disarming them so that you can make images that connect and are vulnerable. Class will include a lecture and live shoot. $325.

Couples Boudoir: Working with LGBTQ+ Couples (2)

In this course, you’ll learn all things queer couples boudoir: marketing to and working with LGBTQ+ couples, strategies to make your brand more inclusive, and posing for emotion and connection. Class will include a lecture, handouts, and a live shoot with an LGBTQ+ couple to build up the diversity in your portfolio. $325.