COUPLES - Intimate Story Telling | Tuesday 9-12

There are many different approaches to couple’s boudoir. This is about showcasing the emotional connection between two people. The images do not need to be explicit to be powerful and create an emotional reaction in the viewer.

For me, a Storytelling Session is a photo session that documents real moments and genuine emotion. It’s not about gratuitous sex, it’s about discovering their story and showcasing an intimate and emotive bond.

* Includes a live demo* $325


Shooting with Intent: Sexual vs Sensual
with Aroha McKaig & Jessica Rae | Wednesday 4-7

When you view Jessica Rae and Aroha McKaig’s work side by side it can often be a challenge to distinguish one from the other. While they have similar styles and aesthetics their approach and execution is vastly different. Jessica has a free flowing, organic process to her client interactions and posing – aiming to capture vulnerability and sensuality. Aroha strives for more sexually charged imagery and is very articulate and structured when directing her clients.

You will see that we all have are own unique approach to communicating and interacting with our subjects. There is no right or wrong – you just need to find what works for you. You will learn how you can take one pose and interject vastly different intentions and mood: from Sensual to Sexual bringing more variety to your sessions and overall client experience. $325