Jen Swedhin


Retouching Fundamentals | Tuesday 1-4

In this 3-hour course we will cover all the fundamentals of retouching in Photoshop. Photoshop is a massive and powerful program, but it doesn’t need to be intimidating, slow or hard. We will go over all the different tools that make retouching easier, and the best way to use them. We will also cover working with layers, portraiture, liquify, actions, and batching images to speed up the workflow. There will be live retouching, so you can see the process, as well as take home the .psd files and review the changes later. My goal is to make retouching accessible so you can retouch the amount YOU are comfortable with, quickly and easily. As a bonus, all attendees will receive a FREE set of my retouching for boudoir actions! $325.

Taking the Drama out of Frequency Separation | Wednesday 1-4

Frequency Separation – there isn’t a more loved and hated and misused tool out there. But here’s the secret – frequency separation is awesome. It’s easy. It’s flexible. It’s a tool to go into your toolkit, and use when you need it. Did you know you can set it up as an action to make the process quicker? Did you know you can still use portraiture with FS? Did you know it can be used just to clean up the skin, both color spots (like bruises) and texture spots (like skin bumps)? It’s true, my friends. In this deep-diving 3 hour course we will look at all the ways to use frequency separation, and which work best for boudoir. We will learn all the tools (including one that changed my life!), how to approach really tricky images (think side light and cellulite), and all the other ways frequency separation can make things easier. No drama, no tears, no retouching anxiety. And as a bonus, all attendees will receive a free set of my retouching for boudoir actions (including a ready to go FS action!). Let’s dive in and see what all the fuss is about. $325