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Tuesday @ 9:00 - Shooting fitness clients and instagram marketing

Your local market has an untapped niche. Fitness models and athletes, those doing weight loss journeys, influencers on IG and women and men who are trainers and have a following of other fitness lovers. Learn how to capitalize on this genre, reaching out to Instagramers and Youtubers to cross network and create content and marketing content packages for that particular market.

Through my fitness journey that I embarked on 3 years ago, and while it was personal and about me, I accidentally stumbled onto a gold mine of new clients using IG. I have had huge success specifically targeting them, while making a big profit, as they specifically want digital images for social media, and the turn over is fast, it creates an expansive network and exposure. Fitness doesn't always mean lean and sculpted perfect models, there are tons of fitness and athletic businesses out there looking to create top notch content to bring in business.

In this workshop you'll learn about shooting with models, youtubers, and IG influencers, how to create and style shoots for these clients, how to reach out on IG, how to network, pricing for optimal success, dominating this niche in your area, how to style fitness shoots, create for their content, what poses they'll always buy, fail proof IG and youtube content and BONUS templates of exactly how I market to this genre and my secrets that will always create big sales.

If you're looking to shoot fitness, expand your network, try something new, challenge yourself, make fast and significant money, want to dominate an untapped market - then this workshop is for you. Join me as I style, shoot, and create to sell using one of the biggest social platforms today. $250.

You can enroll in class by emailing janarollerphotography@gmail.com