Image by   Joao Guedes

Image by Joao Guedes

Do I need to be a Do More Photographer to attend? 

Yes. This is for members of the community only.

Can I bring my spouse, kids, cat?  

As much as we're sure your crew is all awesome, camp is for members only, please.  If your spouse is your assistant that's okay though - they're welcome to join us. 19+ attendees only. 

Is there an age requirement?  

Yes, you need to be 19 years of age. 

Will I need a Passport to get into Canada?

Yes, this is required to cross the border. 

What currency is everything in?

Your Camp Pass and classes are all in USD, American currency.

But the camp is in Canada?  

We have to pick one currency. USD is the winner.


Yes. At the check out you'll a 2 payment option. Promotional prices are not valid for payment plans. 

What time does camp start/end?

Registration begins at 4:00pm on Monday, June 10, 2019. You'll head back to reality Thursday morning, June 13, 2019.  If you’ve selected the Bonus Day add on you’ll leave Friday morning - June 14, 2019.

If renting or driving your own car you can arrive at camp at anytime after 4:00. 


You can add on the OPTIONAL Bonus Day and stay until the morning of the 14th (instead of leaving on the morning of the 13th). It is $150 to add the bonus day.

Can I choose who I bunk with? 

Absolutely. We encourage it. We can't guarantee it, but will do everything possible to make it happen.

What if I don't get along with my bunk mates?  

We'll do our best to find you a new cabin, but please keep all high-school quarrels at home.

How do I sign up for the bus?

On the checkout page you can choose to add or skip the bus option. See full details before signing up

What if I want to drive myself or carpool?

There is parking on site. 

What is provided in the cabin?  

Your bunk, mattress and bathroom. Please bring a sleeping bag/blanket, pillow and towel. Some cabins have showers, others are right nearby. You can reserve a sleeping bag in the FB Camp group.

What else should I pack?  

Camp is about sticking to the basics. Pack light and smart. You can find a complete list here

Are the parties included in my Camp Pass?

Yes! Bonfire night, Talent Show/Karaoke and DJ dance party. 

Will alcohol be available at the parties? 

Yes! It will be available for purchase at a reasonable price. Bring your change. 

Will I need money at camp? 

We'd suggest bringing some small bills for things like drinks at the parties, and from the vendors at the trade show.

What do I do during the day if I'm not taking classes? 

Whatever you'd like! There are dozens of activities happening. There are always photo shoots happening too. 


Probably not for 2019. Our schedule is very full. 

Can I buy a camp t-shirt?

You bet. Stay tuned, more info coming soon. 

Will there be staff? 

Ewan and Brianna, along with the educators, and 6 support staff and all Timberlane Staff can help you with all of your needs. 


Your ticket is non-refundable, but is transferrable up to 30 days prior to camp. This change must be approved in writing with Brianna and there is a $25 administration fee for transferring tickets


You must contact the instructors for their own individual policies on refunds and transfers. Camp Do More itself is not involved in this process.

Can you accommodate food allergies?  

You bet. There will be food for all diets, including but not limited to omnivores, carnivores, gluten-free, vegans, and vegetarians. Let us know at least 6 weeks prior to camp of any restrictions. Any additional snacks coming into camp must be nut-free.

Can I come and go from camp OR STAY OFF SITE?  

Connect with Brianna directly for info on this please.

Can I show up and buy a ticket at camp? 

You will need a ticket and to be fully registered before you come to camp. Have your ID ready at check-in.

Are classes included in my Camp Pass?  

No. You need to register and pay for these separately with the individual instructors/speakers.

Do I have to take the classes?  

No, you can come for the social elements only, no problem. We promise that you'll have a blast with or without classes. But we personally think you should take some, as you have access to 12+ industry leaders. There are 2 free mini classes available to everyone.

Why is your pricing different than other conferences?

We want you to be able to sign up for the speakers you want to see. And pay for only that. Instead of paying a huge ticket price and only wanting to go to a few classes, this way you get to customize your experience. Buy your Camp Pass + Buy the classes you want to take. It's that simple. You don't want to take classes and only come for the social part of the experience? No problem.

How many classes can I take?

None. One. Two. Or five. It's totally up to you and how you schedule it.

Is there room service, turn-down service and room cleaning?  

Sorry, this is camp not a hotel. Please help do your part in keeping things clean.

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