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Tuesday @ 1:00 / Wednesday @ 9:00 - Artistic Vision, Creative Nude

In a genre that is often highly posed and staged, it is common that our subjects lose their persona in a pre-established mould. My work is all about self-love, personal expression and creative nude. Each person has their own story,  personality, their own narrative, movement and expression. I will be dissecting my creating process, sharing with you ways of how I customize each session, working around creative nudes, weaving story and feel around each person, and instil emotions through photos. 

This course will be a jam-packed full of artistic vision exploration, strategic thinking in presenting work with the right intention and making the fullest impact. Most importantly, making art that truly representing who you are. Be prepared : you will be challenged with creative assignment, a practicum that lets you walk away seeing things in a whole new perspective. $250