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Tuesday @ 1:00 - 4:00 - Male Nudes and shooting genderless

Boon is known for using boudoir and figurative art as a way to yell for a new freedom, to break down barriers and taboos, and to create space for people to find their confidence in their own body and sexuality. His work is about self-love and personal expression - each person has their own story, their own narrative without negative external pressures or judgements. Although each shoot is approached with a specific intention, the concepts remain simple, yet fluid, and organically evolve through the shoot. The way each individual moves, the space, the ambiance and their personal stories provide a constant source of inspiration in Boon’s photography. Rather than replicate pre-set poses, Boon sees to enhance the natural movement of each person.

This class will have similar content as “Choreograph with Boon Ong”, but will focus specifically on the art of male nudes and shooting with a genderless approach. With 3 models, you will be fully immersed in a hands on experience of learning alongside Boon. You will walk away from the class with great knowledge and skills that give you the confidence to photograph male and artistic nude of any gender. $325.

Wednesday @ 4:00 - 7:00 - Choreograph with Boon Ong

There is never a good description how I can fully describe my photography style, simply because I never want to comply to any pre-established constraint. Because of that, it has been my mission to be as open as possible to photograph anyone regardless of their gender, age, body shape, sexuality, race, and regardless of any venue, lighting situation or intention.

But there is one thing I do best - bringing out the true persona of a person and choreographing a visual story that connects.

In this class, my intent is to fill up your tool box and equip you with vision to be extremely flexible to improvise and create. I’ll share my creating process, covering a few key elements:

  • Bringing out the true persona of an individual

  • Instill emotions

  • Understanding movement and creative posing

  • Strategic planning and creative vision while shooting on location/in home

  • Technique to tackle various technical constraints and applify it to your own benefit

  • Choreographing a story that connects

This is a very interactive class with lots of movement exercise intertwine within the lecture, follow by a live shoot to put all learnings to practice. It’s going to be a 3 hours jam packed of content, but I promise you will have lots of room to breathe.

Who is this class for? It doesn’t matter if you are explicitly shooting boudoir, if you shoot wedding, families, portrait, or any genre that involve human, you will benefit immensely from this class.

BONUS : If you sign up the class by 31 October 2018, you will be getting a one on one personal mentoring over Skype with Boon OR a website/portfolio review by Boon. $325

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