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Ryan is an artist interested in using photography to explore what it means to be human and the world around him. He spends his days making personally significant images with old film cameras. His sincere belief in the power of art to be able help us understand who we are, heal emotional wounds, and bridge divides between us, drives a passion for teaching both the technical and artistic elements of photography. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon.



Joao is a Brazilian portrait and lifestyle photographer who has lived in different parts of the world before moving to Vancouver, BC. 

He began his journey with photography during his first year in college, after which he worked as an advertising photographer for almost ten years. However, his passion for portrait photography and the endless attempt to find his own creative voice, led him into a completely different path.

Soon after quitting the advertising world, Joao was pulled into the world of portraiture after being inspired by and working with other amazingly creative minds. After that there was no going back, and thus he began to bring the storytelling that he learned from the advertising industry and his passion for movies to create The Diaries Project : a series of simple & unique portraits of individual women's intimate worlds.  


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I’ve always been an artist. Creating art is beyond passion for me, I need it to feel whole. I began taking self portraits as my own way to heal, and eventually found my way into boudoir. Intimate photography highlights vulnerabilities as valuable, insecurities as strengths, and bodies as beautiful - no matter their size and shape. This is the message I want to tell in my images, and spread with my business. Join me in creating something beautiful.



Teri Hofford is an inspirational speaker, author, empowerment photographer and body image activist based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. She's also been referred to as an emotional dominatrix and "Tough Love Teri" for her bold approach to personal responsibility and self love. Teri has been published in a variety of magazines such as FabuPlus and GEEZ magazine, in addition to having a variety of images selected for recognition by, AIBP, Do More Photographers and Lace & Light. In addition to her photography work, Teri channels her desire to change the way women think about themselves through a variety of workshops like Body Image Bootcamp, getting them to stop focusing on changing their bodies, so they can get to changing the world. Teri has become recognized in Canada & the US for her contribution to the women's empowerment movement by various news outlets on tv and radio.


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The El Pais wrote: "He is a photographer with the soul of a barman". Bob Sala, German photographer and writer, began taking pictures when he was starting out writing articles for local newspapers at the age of 20. The editors wouldn’t hire him for small articles unless he would be able to also bring a decent picture that could go with the publication of his words. Bob did that for ten years. The writing was clearly the center ofhis efforts then. But at some point the editors started hiring him as a photographer more often than as a writer. In his late twenties there was a shift to photography then. He started studying the culture of it. Instead of hundreds of novels, now photo books and magazines started piling up on the floor of his apartement. "Nostalgic feelings, muted colours, 60s and 70s records, book lovers and lots of pretty girls" is how c-heads magazine described his work. "I am just a professional melancholic", he says himself.



Jen Tallerico

Jennifer Tallerico is a Florida based photographer specializing in boudoir and underwater.  As a former scientist working with open bodies of water, she found her niche submerged at the bottom of springs and lakes. She takes her underwater boudoir work into a ethereal world where her clients find themselves lost in a fairytale. described as on a scale from light and ethereal to dark and mysterious. Her passion for the world underwater runs so deep that her work has been described as on a scale from light and ethereal to dark and mysterious depending on the emotions she feels when submerged. 
In addition to her photography, she is also a senior writer for for FStoppers and Expert Photography. Her work has been seen magazines such as Rangefinder and Philosophie.




Jessica Rae is an award winning intimate lifestyle / boudoir photographer born and raised near Vancouver BC, Canada. Her love of photography started at a very young age. She had her start before the digital era and her love of film and cinema is present in her work today. Jessica is best known for her dark and moody aesthetic and creating variety in any space shes in. One of Jessica's goals is to create a sense of story with her images, this goes beyond the subject to include her surrounding environment and the atmosphere. Everything plays an integral and connecting role in her artistry. While she is predominantly a natural light photographer, she loves to play with all facets of lighting. She strives to separate herself from traditional studio photographers and feels a greater connection with documentary and lifestyle images, with a dose of editorial thrown in for good measure.


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Marco Ibanez is a published, multi award-winner photographer including Rangefinder/PDN’s “The Body” competition and AIBP Best in Show 2017. His work is influenced by his love of 17th century master painters, and by the use of light to create sensual, moody, dramatic images. A few years ago a life-altering experience pushed him to focus more on the things he loved, and since then photography has become a central part of his life.

Connecting with other people is what Marco loves more about his job. He believes everybody is somehow connected to each other, and that happiness is found in helping others so he enjoys sharing knowledge and ideas with fellow photographers. “We make a living by what we get, we get a life by what we give” he likes to say. Marco is originally from Peru but lives in the Washington DC metro area. He shoots on location only, so you may find him frequently traveling to NYC or Miami for shooting opportunities.



Taylor is a tiny freckle faced female from Toronto. When she’s not complaining, she’s usually taking photos of butts. The rest of the time she is having photos taken of hers or is using it as a mechanism for laziness. Taylor was raised by the internet, but was professionally indoctrinated into antisocial tendencies when she began working for BodyRock. After a lot of coffee and even more self hatred, that stubby super stoner managed to turn a boring blog back into a booming online business. With over 1.8 million visitors a week, Taylor was managing a roster of 150 writers and bloggers, producing and directing content and sometimes taking sexually suggestive photos on the toilet while working for the biggest online fitness site in the world. But she hated her life and so she did the table flip and now applies that knowledge to help individuals and companies find their visual voice in this clusterfuck of collective consciousness we call “connectivity.” And sometimes she shoots weird shit.

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Pratik is a high end commercial and editorial retoucher. He also owns his own retouching company, Solstice Retouch. Over the last 10 years, the root of his work began in boudoir and glamour, where he worked on covers and spreads for FHM, Playboy, Maxim, and more for local and international variants. He also has 6 years of teaching experience and travels often for workshops, conferences and events. Pratik can't wait to spread his love of retouching during his class!



Hello! I’m Michael Sasser, a professional boudoir photographer in Los Angeles, CA. I love girl scout cookies and helping people see their true selves. I can’t wait to share all the knowledge I have and get my mind blown by the amazing talent that will be at camp. 


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Brianna is the co-founder of Do More Photographers and the director of Camp Do More. She is one of the leading educators of the business of photography, and is an expert in business management. Her skills in sales have set her apart as an educator on the topic, and she consistently helps photographers more than double and triple their sales by modifying their pricing structure and revamping their approach to helping clients buy. 



Boon Ong is an Intimate Lifestyle & Figurative Art photographer based in Calgary, AB Canada. He first photographed fine art nude in 2013 and completely hooked with the genre. Born and raised in Malaysia from a conservative asian family, it was the sense of rebellious and contradiction to his upbringing that kept Boon exploring more into this genre. Subconsciously, he has used his art as a way to yell for new freedom, break down barriers, and create a safe space for people to find confidence in their own body and sexuality.

Simple, Honest, Truthful are the guiding mottos to Boon. Over the last few years, Boon’s work has received numerous awards and been featured in various magazines, blogs and art gallery. His proudest moment is when his work is also being used as educational reference material by Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Vancouver.


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